Jo Boaler's Math Growth Mindset Method MathJam

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How to Learn Math is a free self-paced class for learners of all levels of mathematics. It combines really important information on the brain and learning with new evidence on the best ways to approach and learn math effectively. Many people have had negative experiences with math, and end up disliking math or failing. This class will give learners of math the information they need to become powerful math learners, it will correct any misconceptions they have about what math is, and it will teach them about their own potential to succeed and the strategies needed to approach math effectively. If you have had past negative experiences with math this will help change your relationship to one that is positive and powerful.

The course will feature Dr. Jo Boaler and a team of undergraduates, as well as videos of math in action - in dance, juggling, snowflakes, soccer and many other applications. It is designed with a pedagogy of active engagement. The course is planned to remain available indefinitely.


Dr. Larry Perez's Algebra-to-go MathJam

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  • Video based lessons.  In order to refresh your math skills, these tools that can help you.  Three types of study materials are provided: class notes, video lectures, and video worksheets.  The most popular algebra2go tools are the video lectures.  While watching the video, you will virtually attend Professor Larry Perez's classroom alongside his favorite student, Charlie. Each lecture focuses on a particular skill set which is vital for success.