College Participation

If your college decides to participate in the STEM Core Program, you are joining 33 other community colleges, major employers including NASA, the federal energy labs, Lockheed Martin, and others.  Some key elements of the project, and thresholds for participation are listed below.  While we recognize that specific program models and designs may differ from college to college, and also may evolve over time (for example in response to California's AB 705 legislation), we wanted to underline four key program components that should be part of every STEM Core program:

1) Broad based recruitment and outreach to underrepresented and under-prepared students

2) Accelerated and contextualized remedial math courses

3) Cohort-based learning community

4) Intensive student support provided by a student support specialist

We ask that all participating colleges commit to implementing these components, or equivalent alternatives.  Our backbone organization, Growth Sector, will work with you in developing the STEM Core and in identifying additional resources to fully implement and sustain the initiative.  

If you would like more information on how your college can become a STEM Core Partner, please contact:

David Gruber


Gary Barnak