1). Download and print the ChemJam lecture notes package.  (Click here to download the lecture notes)

2). The ChemJam video lectures require a password.  Contact your STEM Core Student Support Specialist to get the password.  

3). Click on the "Chapter 1"  link (below), select "Chapter 1 Videos," and then watch all of the chapter 1 videos while using the fill-in lecture notes

  • In order to master and retain the concepts of chapter 1, you should work on problems.  For each chapter, there are worksheets/tutorials available for download and printing .  All of the worksheets include answer keys.   To access the chapter 1 worksheets and tutorials, use the "Chapter 1" link (below), and then select "Chapter 1 Worksheets and Tutorials"
  • The ChemJam is designed for you to get through the first two chapters within two weeks.  Some of you may wish to continue with chapters 3 and 4 if you have time.  The links for all four ChemJam chapters are listed below.

Chapter 1 (Science, Measurements, and An Introduction to Matter and Energy)

Chapter 2  (Atoms and Elements)

Chapter 3  (Compounds)

Chapter 4  (Structure and Interactions of Covalent Compounds)